Hosted by
The Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (CSTAM)
Organized by
Chinese Association of Computational Mechanics (CACM), Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU)

Welcome Message:

Following the first successful international conference, Compsafe2014 in Sendai, Japan, on April, 2014, on behalf of the Chinese Association of Computational Mechanics (CACM), we will host Compsafe2017 in Chengdu, China, on October 15 - 18, 2017. The Compsafe2017 has also been an Apacm Conference & IACM Special Interest Conference. The aim of Compsafe2017 is to gather the scientific researchers and engineers to carry out the computational mechanics research and innovation, as well as engineering application to give the powerful tool for solving such complicated safety-related and environment problems. The conference topics are computational mechanics, and computational engineering and science technologies, and their applications related to safety, risk and disaster preventing, including various types of natural hazards, and kinds of accidents and failures of engineering artifacts, environmental and social problems, and so on. We hope this conference will play a role of cooperation between academia and industries, and between national and international organizations.

During the conference, we will arrange a conference tour to the site of Wunchuan earthquake center, old Beichuan County and the rebuilt new Beichuan County, located in Mianyang City, which is 100 km away from Chengdu City. Besides, Sichuan is the most excited area with the richest natural travel resources in China, for example, Jiuzhai Gou, Emei Mountain, Leshan large Buddha, Qingcheng Mountain and Dujiang Yian man-made hydraulic engineering. And also you may visit the Panda Natural Protect Area where you will see many Pandas. Chengdu is also a nice place to eat, at where the famous Sichuan restaurants are easily to be found.

We warmly welcome the worldwide academic researchers to participate in Compsafe2017, in Chengdu, China, on October 15 - 18, 2017.

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Co-Chairmen: Prof. Zhuo Zhuang, Prof. Mingwu Yuan

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