Plenary lecturer: Gen-hua Shi

Dr. Gen-hua Shi is a consulting engineer in rock engineering and engineering numerical analysis. He received BS and MS in mathematics topology from Peking University in 1963 and 1968, and PhD in rock mechanics from University of California, Berkeley in 1988. Dr.Shi firstly presented the Block Theory based on contact concept, Discontinuous Deformation Analysis(DDA) and Numerical Manifold Method(NMM). Professor Shi serves as the Chairman of the DDA Consulting Company in USA, also the Principal Scientist and Technical Director of Center of DDA of the Yantze River Comission of China, and the Professor of Engineering Computation Center of Institute of Software and Computation, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. In the year of 2010 he won the award of the Huang Wen Xi Lecturer in China.