Plenary lecturer: Muneo HORI

HORI, Muneo is a Professor at University of Tokyo, Japan. His research areas are computational earthquake engineering of developing large-scale simulation system and applied mechanics and mathematics for deformation and fracture process of solid. He obtained Ph.D. at Applied Mechanics, University of California, San Diego, 1987. Now, he is Chief at Center of Large-scale Earthquake, Tsunami and Disaster, Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo and Unit Leader, Computational Disaster Mitigation and Reduction Research Unit, Advanced Institute of Computational Science. He is a Joined Member of Japan Council of Sciences, Managing Editor of Journal of Earthquake Engineering, Editor in board, Earthquake Engineering & Structure Dynamics, Editor in chief, Journal of Earthquake Engineering, JSCE (in Japanese). He obtained Kobayashi Medal, 2013, Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Applied Mechanics Committee; The 2013 JACM Award for Computational Mechanics, 2013; Japan Association of Computational Mechanics; Best Publication Award of 2014, Japan Society of Civil Engineers; Finalist of Gordon Bell Prizes of 2014 and 2015.