Plenary lecturer: Shinobu Yoshimura

Shinobu Yoshimura is a Professor of Systems Innovation, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo (UTokyo).  Since April 2017, he has also serve as Vice President of UTokyo. He has been actively working in international Computational Mechanics communities, for example President of JACM (Japan Association for Computational Mechanics) (2012.4-Present), IACM EC (Exsecutive Council) Member (2016.7-Present), and APACM GC (General Council) (2008.8-Present), Co-chair of COMPSAFE2014.
Professor Yoshimura has been working on High-performance and Intelligent Computational Mechanics with Real World’s Applications for 28 years. Among his wide research activities, the most distinguished and well-recognized achievement is the R&D of the advanced parallel finite element analysis software known as ADVENTURE system since 1997.  The system is very unique open source CAE software that enables very precise analyses of practical structures and machines using over 100 million to billions DOF mesh.  Recently he has been extending the system towards exascale simulations.  He received numerous prestigious awards, including ICCES Distinguished Achievement Medal (2015), IACM Fellow Award (2014), APACM Computational Mechanics Award (2013), JACM Computational Mechanics Award (2011), AIAA Liquid Propulsion Best Paper Award (2008), IEEE/ACM Supercomputing 06 Gordon Bell Award finalist (2006).