Semi-plenary lecturer: Tadanobu Sato

Tadanobu Sato is currently a Visiting Professor of International Institute for Urban System Engineering (IIUSE) at Southeast University (SEU), Nanjing, China. He graduated Kyoto University in 1969 and received PhD in 1974. He had the carrier more than 30 years at Kyoto University and retired in 2005 with the title of Emeritus Professor of Kyoto University. He had been a Professor of IIUSE at SUE until December 2016. He has published 516 papers and 8 books so far. He currently engages in researches on the seismological engineering, especially simulation of design earthquake motions, health monitoring and reliability analysis of structural system. Based on his researches conducted so far Professor Sato was awarded; “Thesis Prize on structural control theories” from Japan Society of Civil Engineers; “Senior Research Prize on system identification” from International Association of Structural Safety and Reliability. He has devoted long time to mitigate geotechnical disaster and to secure gas safety. Based on these contributions he was awarded, “Testimonial medal on activities promoting geotechnical engineering development” from Japan Society of Geotechnical Engineering and “Distinguished service medal on activities promoting gas safety” from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan